Instructions for use Gender Reveal kit

Gender Reveal Kit Fille


Arch Assembly 

Use of Confetti Cannons 

Use of Sky Lanterns and 1st Message for Your Child 


Congratulations on this unique and exciting moment in your life! The Pregnancy Announcement Gender Reveal Kit with 139 All-in-One pieces from TellementHappy is designed to help you share the gender of your baby in a memorable and joyful way. This guide will walk you through creating an unforgettable celebration step by step.

Kit Content

  • Balloons: 30 light pink, 30 light blue, 5 pink confetti, 5 blue confetti, 10 golden of 12″ each, 20 pink and 20 blue of 5″ each.
  • Assembly Accessories: Balloon glue (5 pcs), Balloon tape (1 pc), Balloon glue dots (100 pcs).
  • Decorative Elements: 2 Bottle Balloons, 4 Boxes with “BABY” Letters.
  • Reveal: Blue Confetti Cannon (2 pcs), Blue Sky Lantern (3 pcs).
  • Greeting Card for your child (1 pc).

Safety Instructions

  • Sky Lanterns: Use them in an open area, away from trees and power lines. Ensure they are completely extinguished before retrieving.
  • Confetti Cannons: Always direct the cannon away from faces and people. Use them in a sufficiently large area to avoid accidents.
  • Balloons: Do not let children handle uninflated or burst balloons unsupervised. Choking hazard.

Arch Assembly

  1. Balloon Preparation: Inflate the balloons with helium or air, as per your preference. Use the balloon tape to create a solid base for your arch. Tip: To create volume effects, consider inflating balloons to different sizes.
  2. Tip: For balloons with confetti inside, rub the balloon with a cloth. The statically charged balloon will then attract the confetti.
  3. Arch Assembly: Attach the inflated balloons to the balloon tape, alternating colors for a harmonious visual effect.
  4. Final Decoration: Use the balloon glue and glue dots to strategically place the golden and confetti balloons on your arch.

Use of Confetti Cannons

  1. Hold the cannon firmly with one hand in the middle and the other at the base.
  2. Twist the base in the direction indicated by the arrows until the confetti is ejected.
  3. Always point the cannon upwards and away from people and fragile objects.

Setting Up the “BABY” Boxes

  • Assemble the boxes according to the provided instructions. Place them so they spell out “BABY” as a backdrop for your photos or near the entrance of your event.

Launching the Sky Lanterns

  1. Ensure the weather is calm and windless.
  2. Write your wishes on the welcome card.
  3. Light the lantern’s candle under adult supervision and attach the card to the lantern. Let it fly, carrying your wishes for your child.

To Ensure Your Lantern Launch is Successful Every Time:


  1. Gently remove the lantern from its packaging.
  2. Gently unfold the sides to not tear the paper, gently swaying from left to right so that air can enter the opening.
  3. Light all four sides of the burner with a lighter to ignite it properly.
  4. We recommend acting in pairs: one person to unfold and hold the lantern upright and another underneath to light the solid fuel.
  5. BE PATIENT!!! Wait until the burner has burned long enough: the paper of the lantern should be fully stretched by the hot air (between 1 and 2 minutes in autumn)
  6. When you feel the lantern can ascend, attach the card to the lantern.

Make a Wish

It is said that lanterns bring good luck. In China, it is tradition to write a wish on the lantern for it to come true. Encourage your guests to do the same, and who knows, maybe all will be granted.


  • Do not use the confetti cannons and sky lanterns indoors.
  • Avoid leaving small parts within reach of young children.
  • Do not inhale helium from balloons.

Your Gender Reveal Kit from TellementHappy is designed to bring joy and color to your announcement. Follow these instructions for a worry-free and joyful celebration. For any questions, do not hesitate to contact our customer service. Enjoy every moment of your reveal party.

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